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Soap Sacks

Soap Saver Soap Sack

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Eco friendly plant fibre Soap Saver pouches can be used as a 'soap saver' collecting all those small pieces that are too small to hold or as an exfoliating pouch for your regular soaps. 
When you have finally finished with the bag it is fully compostable.  This style has a bead on the string tie.

We recommend the bag is fully moistened for best effect for exfoliating and to create the most lather.  The friction of the bag on the soap pieces inside creates a nice dense foam and sloughs away dead skin cells promoting blood circulation to the area.

Do ensure you allow the bag to dry between use, the drawstring facilitates this.

We do not recommend these sacks be used on the face.

Approximate External Dimensions:  14cm high x 9cm
Colour:  Unbleached natural
Material:  Mixed plant fibres
Sustainable resource, biodegradeable