Australian Lavender Flowers 1kg

Australian Lavender Flowers 1kg

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Beautiful very fragrant dried Australian lavender flowers stripped from the bunch and direct from our farm.

This is NOT an edible variety so please don't use it in cooking. Seach for our English Lavender for your cooking purposes.

This variety is an Angustifolia x Intermedia which is very strong scented and is ideal for crafts, bath salts, lavender sachets, soaps, heat bags, shoe stuffers, home decor, wedding toss or even car freshener !! The list of ideas is endless, feel free to share your craft uses on our Wyoming Lavender Estate FB page :)

Remember to squeeze the buds every so often to keep them smelling fresh. Literally will last for years !!

Also available in 500G, 100g and 40g packs. 

Please get in touch for orders of more than 1kg for postage quote.