Australian Lavender Hydrosol
Australian Lavender Hydrosol
Australian Lavender Hydrosol

Australian Lavender Hydrosol

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Buy Lavender Hydrosol Online direct from our farm!

Distilled from Lavandula Angustifolia.

Hydrosol, also known as Lavender Water, is produced during the distillation process and contains minute particles of Essential Oil. Use Hydrosol if you are wanting a more subtle lavender fragrance, it has a tremendous earthy aroma of a lavender field after rain.

What is Lavender Hydrosol good for ?

Our natural Hydrosol can be used for making facial masks, lotions, creams and other cosmetics, as a toner.

Use hydrosol to clean minor scrapes, soothe rashes and bug bites. It has all the healing properties of Lavender Essential oil but it's gentleness makes it great for kids and pets.

Pour some hydrosol in the bath with some salts to create a luxurious spa experience while soothing your skin.

BUY IN BULK for the following uses:

You can add a cup or 2 to your washing for softening your fabrics.

Add a 1-2 cups to 4 litres of water with 1/2 cup of white vinegar for a terrific floor wash (add more hydrosol for extra dirty floors)